Privacy Policy

The Privacy of Your Information

s an independent private wealth management firm, Barton Creek Advisors, LLC (“BCA”) is committed to safeguarding the confidential information of all current, former, and potential clients.

All personal information provided to our firm is held in the strictest confidence. These records include personal information we collect from you in connection with any services or potential services provided by BCA.

Unlike many non-independent firms, we do not share information with affiliated companies. Nor have we ever disclosed information to nonaffiliated third parties, except as required by law or by your consent, and do not anticipate doing so in the future. If we were to anticipate such a change in firm policy, we would be prohibited under the law from doing so without advising you first.

We use your information in helping you meet your personal financial goals while guarding against any real or perceived infringements of your rights of privacy.

You are welcome to a copy of a complete statement concerning our firm’s privacy policy. You may obtain our policy by making a request either in person, or through written or electronic delivery to Mark Betts, Principal, at, or simply by calling us at 512.692.6189.